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One Day…...At the age of 4… Watching my youngest brother for the first time, making the most beautiful spins on the Ice… It totally grabbed me. He was like floating on the Ice… just beautiful, that’s when I instantly fell in love with Figure Skating. So next day my mom bought me my first skates and it’s been my passion ever since.


Daily training and workouts

At the age of 6, I entered my first national competition and now… 12 years later I’m a 7 time Belgian champion. Daily training and workouts together with my Competition schedule made it necessary for me, at the age of 13, to attend a special Pro-Sports college. They perfectly adjust their roster to mine. Another advantage is that this college is situated in Eindhoven where I used to have one of my main training facilities.


International competitions

It was in 2014 when I had my first appearance at one of the major international competitions. The EYOF, European Youth Olympic Festival and the Junior Grand Prix Competition where such a great experience for me. One can learn a lot from one’s opponents. In 2015 I entered 2 Junior Grand Prix Tournaments. My performance had improved enormously because of all the training and workout. So I gathered enough points to qualify for the European Championship as well as for the World Championships. Unfortunately, I seriously injured my back and that kept me off Ice for 6 months, Therefor I had to cancel both championships. Sick of this happening to me I took on a new and tight schedule of training, fitness and physiotherapy. And now… Now I’m back stronger than ever, more motivated than ever and with more confidence than ever. I’m back to win.

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one dream, one goal

We are Jorik and Loena Hendrickx, Belgian Champions in Figure Skating and besides that, we’re also brother and sister. We made this website to thank our fans who supported us so far and of course to introduce ourselves to a bigger audience. Just take a look and read our stories. Wouldn’t you like to join us on our journey to Pyeongchang? You’re more than welcome and we really could use your help.

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