Loena’s Story


Hi, I’m Loena, thank you for visiting my website. I was born in 1999 in Belgium. My coach (and brother) used to be an Olympic skater as well. With his talent and experience he’s the best coach I could ever wish for. I was practically born and raised at the ice rink because of 2 other older brothers who were fanatic ice-Hockey players. So, my parents spent lots of time near an ice rink back in the day, dragging me along as a baby and toddler. No wonder I ended up on skates as well

On my way to...

In 2017 my biggest dream came true, I qualified to perform at the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 and ever since I’ve had a taste of the Olympics, I just want more of it. The Games in South Korea were extra special for me because I got to go with my brother Jorik, who qualified as well but Beijing in 2022 was very special as well

People call me a very talented figure skater. What do I think? I really don’t know; all I know is that I spend an enormous amount of time and effort on my training and preparation, which isn't that difficult by the way because I really love being on the ice and I always feel like an urge that I just have to skate. The next big thing on my agenda is the World Championship in March 2023 in Saitama, Japan. I’m the current Vice World Champion, so I guess…there’s room for me to do better. 

Big Hug,