Day after day I would be at the ice rink with my parents, just playing with my dolls minding my own business, until one day, I was 4 years old when I watched Jorik, making the most beautiful spin possible and I believe that’s where it hit me. I wanted to float on Ice just like Jorik, for me it felt almost like a sort of magic at that time. So, the next day my mom had to buy me my first skates and it’s been my passion ever since. Since that day I’m in love with Figure Skating.

Then, at the age of 6, I entered my first national competition and now… almost 18 years later I’m a 7-time Belgian Junior Champion and a multiple-time Belgian Senior Champion. Because of my daily training and workouts together with my competition schedule I was happy to find a special Pro-Sports college at the age of 13. They perfectly adjusted their teaching schedule to obligations. Another advantage was that this college is situated in Eindhoven, the Netherlands where I used to have one of my main training facilities. I’m pursuing a career in childcare when my skating days are over.


It was in 2014 when I had my first performance at one of the major international competitions. The “EYOF”, European Youth Olympic Festival and the Junior Grand Prix Competition were such a great experience for me where I also learned a lot. I believe you can learn a lot just by watching your opponents. In 2015 I entered 2 Junior Grand Prix Tournaments. A lot of training and workouts improved my performance quite a bit by that time so, I gathered enough points to qualify for the European Championship as well as for the World Championships.  

Unfortunately, during my skating career, I encountered some serious injuries. Several fractures in my spine, my foot and my ankle kept me off the ice lots of times which made it difficult for me to be at my best. 

However, I did relatively well on my first Olympic experience and even better in Beijing in 2022. But even more important, I’m still improving at every competition ever since so, who knows where it will end. I'm really convinced that anyone can achieve anything they believe in. I scored my personal best (219,05) in 2021 during the Gran Premio D’Italia where I won the bronze medal.