“A Figure Skating diamond from Belgium”

In her 2nd senior year, already known around the world, Loena is a serious talent to be reckoned with. Scroll down and get to know her.


Hi, I’m Loena, thanks for checking out my website. I'm from Belgium and I was born in 1999. Perhaps the name does even ring a bell because my brother Jorik Hendrickx was an Olympic skater too but nowadays he's my coach. The best coach I could ever wish for by the way.
I was practically born and raised at the ice rink because 2 other older brothers were fanatic ice-Hockey players when they were younger. So, my parents spent lots of time near an ice rink back in the day, dragging me along as a toddler. No wonder I ended up on skates.




In 2017 my biggest dream came true, I qualified to perform at the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 and ever since I’ve had a taste of the Olympics, I just want more of it. The Games in South Korea were extra special for me because I got to go with my brother Jorik, who qualified as well.
People call me a very talented figure skater. What do I think? I really don’t know, all I know is that I spend an enormous amount of time and effort on my training and preparation. Which isn't very difficult, because I really love the ice and always feel like I just have to skate. The next big thing on my agenda are the Beijing Olympics in '22 and although the past 2 years haven't been easy due to injuries and the Covid pandemic, I feel confident to say I'm on schedule and in shape.

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Loena's Team

Loena's creative mastermind is Adam Solya, a young and very gifted choreographer being of Hungarian origin. Adam has been working with Loena for several years now and is responsible for the beautiful programs Loena is performing. Together with Loena's brother Jorik, her head coach, Loena has really been flying over the past 6 months and the whole team around Loena is confident, that she's absolutely ready for the big challenges that lie ahead.  



If there’s one thing I definitely inherited along with my brother, it’s the discipline to work hard. As Jorik always says… “Hard work pays off”. I’m already preparing for the 2022 World Championships in Montpelier, France but of course, before that there's my biggest goal for next year... I really want to shine in China at the Beijing Olympic Games in February 2022.