No pain, no gain… is applicable in business as well as in sports. If you’re not going to put in your utmost, you might as well not start at all.

No pain, no gain...

No professional sports without business

Sports are big business, but doing business well is also a professional sport. The difference however is that business can do without sports, but there are no professional sports without business. Athletes depend on businesses investing in sports.
This goes for me too, I’m depending on your corporate vision and mission, your generosity and/or love for sports. But, on the other hand, I could also make a difference for your business by promoting and wearing your brand by hosting your business events or as a motivational speaker. I promise you maximum visibility within the international figure skating scene in return for your investment.

See below how you could benefit and if this has triggered you already and you would like more information, please contact me by sending an e-mail to



• Increase brand awareness - local, national or even international. • Change or upgrade your corporate image. • Increase your sales. • Motivate and engage your own employees. • Support your corporate vision and mission. • Get more media attention.

And there are numerous more advantages that I can mention, but I would love to persuade you in a personal conversation.

You’re probably well aware that investing in top athletes or sport is in some countries tax-deductible or can bring you tax advantages so, all the more reason to start sponsoring.
Of course and all depending on the extent of your investment, I’m very happy to be your brand ambassador. Your brand will be published on all of my official Media, clothing and car and so on. However, that’s not where it ends, that’s only where it begins, think of workshops with your employees, tickets to major competitions, get introduced and connected to other sponsors and do more business etc. etc.

I really need you. and I’ll do whatever it takes to make the most of your support and belief in me.
Sponsoring can be realized in many ways, meaning that it could be goods and/or services and so it doesn’t always involve giving money. Furthermore, it’s important to mention, your contribution can never be too small…

Thank you very much in advance for your support.


Many thanks to my sponsors