My next big goal is the World Championship in Saitama, Japan but in a few years I hope to represent Belgium for the 3rd time at the 25th Olympic Winter Games in Italy.

However, to be successful as a figure skater I need all the financial support I can get. If you would also like to support me in my skating career, please use the button below.

Any financial support is more than welcome, no matter the amount, every Euro will make a difference to me.

If you like to contribute once or regularly on behalf of your company or business, I invite you to send me your company detail so I can provide you with an invoice for your bookkeeping.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Hugs & Kisses

If you want to donate:

NAME: VZW OSD (Loena's Trust)
IBAN: BE02 6528 1844 3040
Bank name: ING Belgium SA/NV

Dear Supporter,